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Subclipse Changelog

This file documents all of the changes that have been made to Subclipse beginning with the 1.1.0 release process. Please visit http://subclipse.tigris.org/ for the latest information on Subclipse.

The latest version of this file can be viewed directly from our website at http://subclipse.tigris.org/subclipse_1.2.x/changes.html. Please note that the file on the website may contain information about changes that have not yet been made available in a release. Generally, these changes will be available in the next release but it is also possible that a change will be pulled out due to testing problems.

The log of changes leading up to the 1.1.0 release can be viewed here.

NOTE: As of Subclipse 1.1.0, the minimum Eclipse requirement is now 3.2.0.

NOTE: Subclipse 1.1.0 removed the SVN Resource History view as we now use the common Team History view. It also removed the SVN Pending Operations view which is replaced by the Synchronize view. You will likely get an Eclipse error message if you use an existing workspace that had that view open. This is normal and is not a problem. You will get the error the first time you open each perspective that had the view open.

Version 1.2.4
27 August 2007

from: /branches/1.2.x

  • JavaHL 1.4.5 for Windows
  • SVNKit 1.1.4
  • Local history lost when reverting a file. (575)
  • Provide SVN Team options on working sets. (581)
  • Enable Mark Resolved option for property conflicts. (660)
  • Update All/Commit All options added to Synchronize view. (667)
  • Make Edit Change Set dialog modeless to allow commit messages to be edited while using the compare editor in the Synchronize view. (669)

Version 1.2.3
27 June 2007

from: /branches/1.2.x

  • SVNKit 1.1.3 Build 3181
  • New plug-in to support integration with Mylyn 2.0
  • Fixed ClassCastException in Sharing wizard when Subclipse is the only team provider installed. (642)
  • Fixed Eclipse freeze when using nested projects. (511)

Version 1.2.2
9 June 2007

from: /branches/1.2.x

  • Subversion/JavaHL 1.4.4 binaries for Windows
  • Made repository actions adapatable so they can be reused in other plug-ins. Specifically, CollabNet Desktop.
  • Fixed prompt for HTTPS client certificate passphrase from JavaHL. (628)
  • Fixed potential NPE in getAdminDirectoryName method. (645)
  • Added warning before deleting .svn folders when sharing project. (611)
  • Fixed potential NPE when Synchronizing a project with svn:externals. (603)
  • Improved detection of linked resources by using Eclipse API. (625)
  • Fixed ClassCastException in Sharing wizard when Subclipse is the only team provider installed. (642)

Version 1.2.1
2 May 2007

from: /branches/1.2.x

  • SVNKit 1.1.2
  • Expand all option in Synchronize view. (591)
  • Checkout wizard fails when checking our location root. (606)
  • Error importing Team Project Set file. (623)
  • Support hyperlink detectors in log messages.
  • Commit dialog will word wrap messages by default, unless tsvn:logwidthmarker property is present. (629)
  • Synch view allow change sets to appear in Incoming/Outgoing mode. (634)

Version 1.2.0
13 February 2007

from: /trunk

  • Fixed problems relating to Eclipse 3.3 M5, one with the history view and one with a missing class on the Decorators preference page.

Version 1.1.10
1 February 2007

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL 1.4.3 binaries for Windows
  • SVNKit 1.1.1
  • More improvements to handling of locks.
  • Fixed handling of images and refresh in affected paths viewer. (589)
  • Fix potential NPE in SVNStatusSyncInfo (598)
  • Modified code to not commit auto-added parents in a separate commit. (599)

Version 1.1.9
7 December 2006

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL 1.4.2 binaries for Windows
  • JavaSVN renamed to SVNKit. 1.1.0 + fixes version included.
  • Removed Java 1.5-specific code. Changed project settings to insure Java 1.4 compatability.
  • Fixed potential NPE in SVN Properties view.
  • Added back a forced refresh after Switch/Merge operations. (579)
  • Added new prompting UI for SVNKit SSH connections.
  • Removed dependency on compare plugin from core. Allows for headless operation (583)
  • Added option to Create Branch/Tag dialog to perform a switch after the branch/tag is created.
  • Improve handling of read-only files that are not managed by Subclipse
  • Small synch view fixes for externals.
  • Created new Eclipse feature to house Mylar integration. Must be installed separately from same update site URL.

Version 1.1.8
23 October 2006

from: /trunk

  • JavaSVN 1.1.0 Beta5 (includes svn 1.4 working copy format)
  • Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Compare with Base
  • Use a better merge API when performing a merge with the same From/To URL
  • Enable the Show History and Annotate options on locally copied files. (442)
  • Fixed problem when clicking on Pending... text when expanding tree in checkout wizard.
  • Rearrange items on SVN menu and remove all toolbar items except Checkout. (394)
  • Removed CVS code that stripped template from commit message. (566)
  • Exception during checkout of project set could hang Eclipse.
  • Revert improvements/fixes.
  • WC to WC copy was not copying local contents.
  • Unescape URL's in decorators.
  • Fix potential NPE in shutdown
  • Fix potential ConcurrentModificationException.
  • Performance improvement in Synch view when resources have been locally deleted.
  • Remove forced refresh after Switch/Merge. JavaSVN includes fix that makes this no longer neccessary.
  • Commit messages were not being remembered. (570)
  • Refresh the Synchronize view automatically after performing a commit from the view when the Show Out of Date folders option is on.
  • If resource is managed but also in global ignore list, we should not ignore it.
  • Fixed potential NPE in refreshing SyncInfo.

Version 1.1.7
03 October 2006

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL 1.4.0 binaries for Windows.
  • New menu icons. Menu icons can be specified in the preferences. We include a default set that is like CVS, the TortoiseSVN set, and a Subversive set
  • Change order of tabs in decorator preferences to match CVS plug-in.
  • Added a preview pane to the decorator preferences to match CVS plug-in.
  • Key binding support added for Add, Ignore, Revert and Copy. (394)
  • Improved retrieval of log messages in Incoming Changeset mode.
  • Additional improvements to handling of .svn folders.
  • Removed the Show Pending Operations view. This will result in an error reloading any Perspectives that had the view open. All functionality of this view has been improved upon by the Synchronize view.
  • Removed the Add Keywords dialog. The properties management features provides everything that is need to manage the svn:keywords property.
  • Restructuring of menu items to match the CVS layout more.
  • Add support for commit templates, similar to those provided by CVS plug-in.
  • Add support for spell checking in commit messages.
  • Fixed potential NPE in Update from Synch view.
  • svn:externals folder shows as outgoing change (562)
  • Fixed NPE when sharing project that has .svn metadata folders.
  • Fixed decorator refresh when deleting a property.
  • Export from Working Copy was not exporting the contents of the working copy.
  • Fixed NPE in Checkout wizard when a revision is not specified.

Version 1.1.6
19 September 2006

from: /trunk

  • Many performance improvements to status cache maintenance. Should speed up workspace refreshes/builds as well as Synchronize.
  • Switched resources are now shown with their own decorator. (521)
  • Older revisions of files that do not have an Eclipse editor, such as Word documents, will now be opened in the external editor.
  • History view enhanced to have a vertical layout option Also new toolbar icons to toggle on/off the display of various elements in the view. (538)
  • Can now export files, not just folders, from the Repositories view. (540)
  • Can now Show History for the repository root from the Repositories view.
  • Option to show Out of Date folders added to Synchronize view. This should improve usability by prompting the user to update folders when they are out of date.
  • Processing of update option changed in Sync view. This dovetails with the Show Out of Date Folders change. Items are selected for update based on what is shown in the view. When folders were not being shown we were doing some workarounds so that folders would get updated.
  • Added export option to the History view. (540)
  • Support for Incoming Change Sets has been added to the Synchronize view. (543)
  • Allow a commit comment to be specified when sharing a project. (529)
  • Fixed problem parsing bug ID's when the template includes characters after the bug ID. (536)
  • Improve refreshing of tree in Repositories view when a new folder is added. (505)
  • Fix Copy option when project is not located in same folder as workspace. (464)
  • Fixed an assertion failure on Windows when sharing a project and the server was not accessible.
  • Enable viewer contributions so Mylar can add an open corresponding task action.
  • Canonicalize the path case in the Checkout wizard when the user enters a path name directly. This fixes a potential crash of the workspace. (548)
  • Catch potential ClassCastException in Annotate View. (469)
  • Added new preference to "Show Unversioned Resource in Commit Dialog". (508)
  • When changing the log message and author at the same time, refresh the history view if either of them succeed. (541)
  • Add support for --ignore-ancestry and --force to the Merge dialog. (524)
  • Fixed problem with .svn folder being shown after "add to version control".
  • Added support for fonts and colors in label decorators. (351)
  • Added a search option to the History view. (544)
  • Added a search option to the History view. (544)
  • Added ability to checkout a specific revision. (552)
  • Synch view not showing conflict when local file is added, unversioned or' ignored and the file exists in the repository. (545)

Version 1.1.5
8 August 2006

from: /trunk

  • Performance improvement when retrieving svn info on item. Mainly happened when using svn:externals.
  • Fixed a refactoring error that could occur when renaming package and subpackages.
  • Improved the default internal sizing of the commit dialog to accomodate the bugtraq properties and the possible addition of a bug tracking field on the dialog.
  • JavaSVN 1.1.0 Beta4 + latest fixes. NTLM authentication, SSH username etc.
  • Performance improvements in status cache maintenance. Especially in dealing with large refreshes and ignored items. (530)

Version 1.1.4
26 July 2006

from: /trunk

  • License changed to the Eclipse Public License (EPL)
  • JavaSVN library updated to 1.1.0 Beta4
  • Error trying to refresh internal cache for resource that does not exist. (522)
  • Override and Update should update to HEAD
  • Fixed problems in History view when preference was set to get all messages.
  • Corrected typos on preference page.

Version 1.1.3
25 July 2006

from: /trunk

  • License changed to the Eclipse Public License (EPL)
  • JavaSVN library updated to 1.1.0 Beta3
  • Added some missing dependencies to feature.xml for correctness.
  • Corrected some resource strings.
  • Implement new Eclipse 3.2-required method for linked resources. We still only ignore them, but this at least allows them to exist in the project.
  • SVN menu will not appear in perspective by default. Can be added by user using Customize Perspective.
  • Fixed minor issue where Next button was not initialy enabled on checkout wizard when it could be.
  • Fixed Compare with options when there was space in path name. (512)
  • Implement new Eclipse 3.2 getSubscriber() method. (513)
  • Performance improvement on startup with large number of projects in workspace.
  • Better control over when Team menu actions are activated.
  • Restore support for tsvn:logtemplate property.

Version 1.1.2
13 June 2006

from: /trunk

  • Fixed refactoring problem when moving more than one class to a new folder.
  • Key binding support for commit, update and synchronize. (394)
  • Do not enable Finish button on Sharing Wizard until the page where you specify the folder name.
  • Fixed problem where History view did not refresh the current revision.
  • Fixed some possible NPE's in Synch view when using svn:externals.
  • Fixed handling of commit from Synch view so that it respects the view settings, such as ChangeSets or items removed from the view. (506)
  • When committing a change set, if the proposed comment was not edited, then the change set was being committed with a null comment.

Version 1.1.1
06 June 2006

from: /trunk

  • Fix NPE in Revert action on an outgoing changeset.
  • Disable Add to Version Control action for an outgoing changeset.
  • Potentially significant performance improvement when using JavaSVN and workspace contains build artifacts produced by an external tool, such as an Ant script.
  • Ctrl-Enter activates OK in Lock dialog.
  • Repository browser/Choose URL dialog is now resizable.
  • Configure Tags dialog is now resizable.
  • History dialog is now resizable and has a sash form to resize sections.
  • Commit dialog remembers resizes to sash layout.
  • Override and Update is enabled on all outgoing files and will delete file if it is unversioned.
  • Unversioned files are shown in the Revert dialog and will be deleted if selected.
  • Compressed folders layout will not always use a tree. (500)
  • Added column sorting to affected paths viewer in history. (476)
  • Replace with options will delete unversioned files, although that is controllable by a new preference
  • Do not show ignored items in Compare with Base. (498)
  • Project name not being set in Checkout Wizard.
  • Allow repository root to be selected in checkout wizard. Also added a Refresh option. (481)

Version 1.1.0
01 June 2006

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL 1.3.2 Windows binaries.
  • JavaSVN 1.1.0 Beta 2. Includes support for file:// protocol.
  • Improvements to Console view, taking advantage of new Eclipse features from 3.1. Includes some new preferences.
  • File names that are output to Console are now hyperlinks to the local workspace file
  • Help/documentation packaged in separate plugin from UI.
  • Plugins now install as JAR's instead of being unpacked. Removed feature plugin as it was not really needed. Branding was moved to the core plugin.
  • Improve error reporting in Lock/Unlock actions.
  • Show lock info from server on SVN Resource property page.
  • Support for outgoing changesets in Synchronize view.
  • Support for in-line/live annotation feature.
  • Replaced SVN Resource History view with usage of new common Team History view.
  • Removed checks and messages for workspace case. Eclipse problem was fixed in 3.2.
  • All dialogs now extend new Eclipse 3.2 TrayDialog class. This better integrates help with dialog.
  • Icons for Show History and Show Annotation changes to match CVS/Team icon.
  • URL's in History view are opened using the Eclipse browser framework.
  • SVN Repositories are included in Eclipse Import/Export Preferences wizard. However, only repositories created after version 1.1.0 is installed are included.