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Subclipse Changelog

This file documents all of the changes that have been made to Subclipse beginning with the 1.3.0 release process. Please visit http://subclipse.tigris.org/ for the latest information on Subclipse.

The latest version of this file can be viewed directly from our website at http://subclipse.tigris.org/subclipse_1.4.x/changes.html. Please note that the file on the website may contain information about changes that have not yet been made available in a release. Generally, these changes will be available in the next release but it is also possible that a change will be pulled out due to testing problems.

NOTE: As of Subclipse 1.3.0, the minimum Subversion JavaHL requirement is 1.5.0.

Version 1.4.8
27 February 2009

from: /branches/1.4.x

  • JavaHL 1.5.6 binaries for Windows
  • SVNKit 1.2.2
  • Revision Graph Improvements:
    • Improved error handling and logging.
    • Enable from Synch view.
    • Select and refresh multiple revisions. (842)
    • More accurate label for refresh option. (842)
    • Improve layout of tooltip. (847)
  • Show author for incoming changes in synch view. (824)
  • Do not allow file to be moved to project that is managed by a different provider. (428)
  • Log more errors, rather than printing stack traces. (825)
  • Show dialog for Mark Resolved option. (826)
  • Fix problem when comparing resource in Eclipse 3.5. (838)
  • Use bugtraq:label for column heading in History view. (841)
  • Open bug URL from History view. (840)
  • Only update resources with incoming changes when doing Override and Update. (848)
  • Do not recurse into container when one is selected along with a child. (839)
  • Use project name as default when sharing project. (859)

Version 1.4.7
05 December 2008

from: /trunk

  • SVNKit 1.2.1
  • Revision Graph Improvements:
    • Always show branch where item came into existence.
    • Do not re-read cache and recalculate graph when toggling options.
    • Disable option when multiple remote resources selected.
    • GEF refactorings to enable future UI enhancements.
    • Context menu option to select and compare two items.
  • Allow cut and paste of items in Resource properties page. (809)
  • Checkout multiple projects with option to specify prefix/suffix. (810)
  • Deselected unversioned files in commit dialog are incorrectly commited. (816)
  • Scheduling rule exception when switching multiple projects. (818)
  • Make column resizable in Branch/Tag and Switch dialogs. (819)
  • Provide option to maintain folder structure when branching multiple paths with a deep hierarchy. (817)

Version 1.4.6
07 November 2008

from: /trunk

  • Subversion 1.5.4 JavaHL
  • SVNKit 1.2.x GA release
  • Fix decorator for added files. (801)
  • New revision graph feature.

Version 1.4.5
26 September 2008

from: /trunk

  • Refresh SVN repositories tree when folder is added/delete to root. (791)
  • Performance improvement - if action involves more than 5 paths do not write them to the console. (793)
  • Performance improvement - only write first line of a commit message to the console. (793)
  • Show progress while adding unversioned resource during commit. (793)
  • Commit/revert dialog decorator for unversioned files. (794)
  • Commit/revert dialog decorator for missing files. (794)
  • Truncated values in Subversion resource property page. (797)
  • Toggle checked state for all selected nodes when spacebar pressed. (798)
  • Add UI to Show Annotations option to expose options available to user. (799)
  • Performance fix when default port is redundantly specified in repository URL. (796)

Version 1.4.4
30 August 2008

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL updated to 1.5.2
  • Extension point for adding actions to commit dialog. (786)
  • Export new package we added to UI plugin in 1.4.x. (786)

Version 1.4.3
08 August 2008

from: /trunk

  • Fix odd compare with branch/tag behavior. (780)
  • Revert scheduled deletes when resources are re-added. (772)
  • Fix problems using drag/drop or copy/paste to overlay existing file. (781)
  • Fix problem when doing Team > Copy on local file.
  • Improve the JavaHL atomic commit process when projects are in same local working copy. (783)
  • Remove .project from list of our metaFiles. This was preventing CVS auto-import from working.

Version 1.4.2
26 July 2008

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL 1.5.1 binaries included for Windows
  • Latest SVNKit Beta release included.
  • Restore use of check boxes in the commit/revert dialogs. (777)
  • Add check box to revert dialog to hide/show unversioned files. (763)
  • Added pre-commit check for files with errors and warnings.
  • Fix resource rule problem in Eclipse 3.4 during certain operations. (656)
  • Fix potential problem where .svn folders are not marked private when deleting a folder. (771)
  • Tags column missing in History view in certain cases. (775)
  • Check if resource is out of synch when doing compare operations. (774)
  • New file in patches showing up twice. (773)
  • Specify proper peg revision when performing copies.
  • Do not allow invalid URL's to cause an exception.
  • Use changeset commit comment in more cases. (692)
  • Reorganize Compare with menu. (778)

Version 1.4.1
7 July 2008

from: /trunk

  • Add check box to commit dialog to hide/show unversioned files. (763)
  • Add null check to Remote Properties dialog. (765)
  • Remove build.properties from binary build.
  • Fix problem showing dialog in localized versions. (758)
  • Remember internal sash dimensions in commit dialog.
  • Fix possible ClassCastException on Eclipse 3.4. (767)
  • Add extension point to SVNKit adapter so that custom SSH providers can be installed. (750)

Version 1.4.0
19 June 2008

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL from SVN 1.5.0 final
  • SVNKit 1.2.0 Beta available
  • Added option for API consumer to get a new SVN client.
  • Modified SVNKit adapter to not cache client objects.
  • Allow Copy option to svn copy across projects. (751)
  • Do not show a dialog on Update option. (756)

Version 1.3.16
27 May 2008

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL from SVN 1.5 rc7
  • SVNKit 1.2.0 Beta available
  • Fixed problem importing a PSF on Eclipse 3.4.
  • Incoporate JavaHL API changes from RC7.
  • When copying and pasting a remote resource, save the clipboard contents. (735)
  • Make Export dialog remember last location. (729)

5 May 2008

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL from SVN 1.5 rc5
  • SVNKit 1.2.0 Beta available
  • Add support for relative URL's in bugtraq:url property. Keeping it in synch with the spec.
  • Issue id's in commit dialog were not getting stored in message.
  • Fix cross project atomic commits due to change in RC5 to verify repository UUID.

Version 1.3.14
24 April 2008

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL from SVN 1.5 rc4
  • SVNKit 1.2.0 Beta available
  • Lock all projects affected by a repository operation. Follow-up to enhanced nested projects support.
  • Apply outgoing font/color preferences to added resources.
  • No wait/progress indicator when drawing change sets.
  • Remember previous size and location of create patch dialog.
  • Don't show merged revisions column in select revisions dialog.
  • Fixed problem saving dialog size and location in Eclipse 3.3

Version 1.3.13
21 March 2008

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL from SVN 1.5 beta1
  • Major fixes to improve support for nested projects. (656)
  • Create branches/tags in background thread.
  • Attempt fallback to default SVN provider if selected provider is not available.
  • Do not show ignored resources in revert dialog.
  • Updated annotation colors to match Eclipse platform.
  • Avoid sticky hover in annotations when selected.
  • Fixed crask on OSX when using date selection dialog in History view filters.
  • Hide history view bug ID column if bugtraq properties are not set.

Version 1.3.12
1 March 2008

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL from SVN 1.5 alpha2
  • More changes to fix intermittent crashes due to handling of multiple SVN threads.
  • Cleanup temporary .svn folders left behind from unexpected JVM termination.

Version 1.3.11
19 February 2008

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL from SVN 1.5.x branch @ r29431.
  • Fix intermittent crashes due to handling of progress notifications from multiple SVN threads.

Version 1.3.10
14 February 2008

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL from SVN 1.5.x branch @ r29327.
  • Cleanup text on buttons. Use Select ... consistently.
  • Remember column sizes in tables that show log messages.
  • Fixed initial column sorting on OSX.
  • Fixed problem with duplicate log entries in History view.
  • Remove out of date folders from Sync view when "Show out of date folders" is unchecked.

Version 1.3.9
31 January 2008

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL from SVN 1.5.x branch.
  • Expand tree to selection in New Remote Folder wizard. (549)
  • Preserve expanded state when refreshing repository browser. (549)
  • Branch/tag option to create intermediate folders. (644)
  • Fixed handling of tsvn:logminsize property.
  • Added option to SVN Repositories view to create a SVN repository on local drive.
  • Fixed bug that did not allow you to add a repository URL that starts with the same value as an existing URL.
  • Added extension point for merge providers. This allows the Subclipse merge option to be replaced by a third party. (695)
  • Fixed a threading problem that can crash the workspace.
  • Use peg revision when opening editor on changed paths in history view.
  • Refresh Synchronize information after a project is switched. (696)
  • Assign Import Wizard to an SVN category. (699)
  • Fixed search option in History view. (700)
  • Change to preference initialization. (701)
  • Use peg revision when performing compares with Branch/Tag. (510)
  • Added option to generate a ChangeLog from History view. (703)
  • Added context menu to affected paths pane in History view. (704)
  • Improvements to resizing and control layout on all dialogs. (705)
  • Cleanup SVNUIPlugin initialization. (707)
  • Fixed scroll lock option in console view.
  • Fixed Revert and Override and Update option in Synch view to only process items currently in the view. (710)
  • Alow creation of Eclipse-style multi-project patches. (709)
  • Added keyboard accelerators and text selection when focus gained/lost for all dialogs. (423)
  • Branch/Tag dialog now a wizard and can process multiple selections. (472)
  • Added new set working copy depth option to Update/Switch dialogs.
  • Reformat commit comments when shown in table view. (473)
  • Added key bindings for compare actions. (691)

Version 1.3.8
14 November 2007

from: /trunk

  • Fixes to progress notification byte counts.
  • Add a special "Root" node to repository selector when the URL is not already the root URL. This lets you select branches, etc. when the URL points to trunk. (659)
  • Whenever Subclipse automatically creates a repository connection, such as importing a project set or using svn:externals, we will create it using the repository root URL. (659)
  • Fixed Replace with Latest option. (504)
  • Added Switch option in context menu of History view. (582)

Version 1.3.7
2 November 2007

from: /trunk

  • Fixed bug in cross-project atomic commits with JavaHL.
  • Additional peg revision enhancements in compare operations.
  • Changed view named from SVN Repository to SVN Repositories. (617)

Version 1.3.6
1 November 2007

from: /trunk

  • Latest JavaHL for SVN 1.5 trunk. WARNING: As of this version the format of the SVN 1.5 working copy is now different than 1.4. Once you do an operation that writes to the working copy, you will not be able to read the working copy using an SVN 1.4 client.
  • Allow recursive delete of properties. (616)
  • Use new Subversion API for resolving conflicts using built-in resolutions. (686)
  • Use new Subversion API for resolving conflicts using built-in resolutions. (686)
  • Improve detection of nested projects during project import. (511)
  • Improvement of resource management during checkout process. (632)
  • Expose new SVN 1.5 depth parameter in Update/Switch/Checkout. (637)
  • Create patches using relative paths. (640)
  • Fixed scheduling rule error when reverting resource from multiple projects.
  • Improvement when retrieving bugtraq properties so that we do not trigger Eclipse to refresh out of date resources.
  • Provide running count of bytes transferred during many Subversion operations. (638)
  • Enable multiple Add to svn:ignore selection in Synch view. (649)
  • Improve update from Synch view when svn:externals are used. (672)
  • Support for peg revisions when doing diffs on things that have moved.

Version 1.3.5
8 October 2007

from: /trunk

  • Several fixes to revert introduced in last release.
  • Synch view update should be able to run as background job.
  • Refinement to support for bugtraq:logregex property. (539)
  • Show Bug-ID column in History view. (684)

Version 1.3.4
5 October 2007

from: /trunk

  • Revert will not remove unversioned .project or .classpath file. (682)
  • Revert and commit filter out conflict temp files. (682)
  • Conflict decorator shows in commit dialog. (682)
  • Sync view update of multiple projects runs as single operation.
  • Tree view did not look right in commit/revert dialogs when multipl projects were selected. (682)
  • Added support for bugtraq:logregex property. (539)
  • Gray out files in History view that are not related to selection. (683)
  • Revert will now run recursive (faster) if all items remain selected in dialog. (378)

Version 1.3.3
21 September 2007

from: /trunk

  • This release is entirely focused on the UI of dialogs. This is just the start, more to come.
  • Redo most dialogs with a wizard-like UI to pretty then up and give them some branding. (682)
  • Commit dialog looks and behaves more like the CVS commit dialog now. Changes are selected by default and have to be removed from the view. New icon to indicate property modifications.
  • Revert and Lock dialogs get similar treatment to Commit dialog.
  • Removed preferences relating to selecting unversioned files. They are now just included in the dialogs (which means they are selected).

Version 1.3.2
13 September 2007

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL from Subversion trunk @ r26502 required. SVNKit is not supported yet.
  • Refresh repository browser. (580)
  • Ctrl-Enter finishes New Remote Folder and Rename/Move remote folder wizards. (568)
  • Fixed incorrect action ID in plugin.xml for Create patch.
  • New graphical compare option for compating two URL@REV. Uses svn diff --summarize and runs very fast. Enabled in History view and Repository browser. (571)

Version 1.3.1
5 September 2007

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL from Subversion trunk @ r26388 required. SVNKit is not supported yet.
  • Support for merge tracking. (639)
  • Improved support for refactoring. (630)
  • Cross project atomic commits via JavaHL. (527)
  • New plug-in architecture and extension point for client adapters. (633)
  • Allow switch of multiple projects. (596)
  • Create parent directories in single transaction when sharing project. (644)
  • Key bindings for more commands. (394)
  • Improved create patch process, allow create patch from Synch view and change sets. (503)
  • Support merge tool by file type. (615)
  • Share Project wizard should end with Synch view. (621)
  • Use new --force option on update/switch/checkout. (631)
  • Create single cached instance of JavaHL SVNClient object. (650)
  • Change default preference for show out of date folders. (651)
  • Create parent directories in single transaction when sharing project. (644)
  • Allow commit of svn:externals that point to a different repository. (668)
  • Change set commit comment duplicated. (673)
  • Fix NPE in Synch view. (676)
  • Enhance decorator preference page to show all decorators. (677)