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2020-04-07: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down on 2020-07-01. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep before that date.

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List of Available Repository Providers

Subclipse provides an extension point that enables 3rd party Eclipse plug-in to extend the Subclipse UI. In this case, the extension point is aimed at allowing repository hosting providers to make it easier for users to access their repositories. Instead of needing to type in a URL for each repository, typically this extension point allows you to just specify the credentials for your hosting provider and then simply select from a list of available repositories.

It is important to note that a standard Subversion server does NOT provide an API to retrieve a list of repositories. So in order to use this feature, you must be using a hosting service or other repository management tool which provides an API and an Eclipse plug-in that uses that API.

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CollabNet Desktop (CloudForge, TeamForge or Subversion Edge)

Plug-in Name:

CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition

Plug-in Version:

3.7.0 or higher

Home Page:



Free - Open Source (EPL)

Minimum Eclipse Version:


CollabNet provides a free set of Eclipse plug-ins called the "CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition". Once installed, these plugins provide access to CollabNet hosted services such as CloudForge, TeamForge and Subversion Edge. Each of these options support the Subclipse extension point making it easy to simply choose your repositories from a list.


The easiest option if you are running a newer version of Eclipse is to use the Eclipse Marketplace Client to install the plugin. You can either search for it in the Marketplace client, or get it from here: http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/collabnet-desktop-eclipse-edition

You can also install these plugins via their Eclipse update-sites. Note that these URL's are entered into the Eclipse install UI, not your web browser!

Eclipse 3.3: http://downloads.open.collab.net/eclipse/update-site/e3.3
Eclipse 3.4: http://downloads.open.collab.net/eclipse/update-site/e3.4
Eclipse 3.5: http://downloads.open.collab.net/eclipse/update-site/e3.5
Eclipse 3.6: http://downloads.open.collab.net/eclipse/update-site/e3.6
Eclipse 3.7: http://downloads.open.collab.net/eclipse/update-site/e3.7
Eclipse 3.8: http://downloads.open.collab.net/eclipse/update-site/e3.8
Eclipse 4.2: http://downloads.open.collab.net/eclipse/update-site/e4.2

Finally, if you need a zipped archive of the update site, you can download one via the CollabNet website at this URL: http://www.collab.net/downloads/integrations

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